Food Packing Machine in 2023

Food Packing Machine in 2023

24 Oct, 2023

As we all know, the food industry can be divided into various fields and develop different package types. Thus, food suppliers usually have various requirements for various foods. In this situation, it is necessary to select the right automatic food packing machine to ensure the quality of the package. However, where can the food factory find the right food packaging equipment?

Fortunately, in this post, the author will give a recommendation about the food packing machine.

Frozen Food Packaging Machine

Frozen Food Packaging Machine

If you are looking for a frozen food packaging machine, you are on the right page. Suntech’s frozen food packaging machine offers an easy operation method and provides an excellent package system.


First, the frozen food packaging machine incorporates advanced PLC technology from Siemens, Germany, coupled with an intuitive touchscreen interface. You can get rid of the complex setup procedures and have a user-friendly experience. This user-friendly system also greatly minimizes training time, as a result, helps business owners save money.


Second, the frozen food packaging machine offers accurate packaging. With the ability to adjust the packaging speed using frequency conversion equipment, the operator can tailor the production to your exact needs. Whether you're dealing with delicate or high-speed packaging requirements, our machine adapts to your production reality.


Third, the frozen food packaging machine has an automatic check function. The automatic check feature ensures there are no pouch errors or seal issues, minimizing material wastage. Even if a pouch fails, it can be reused, contributing to both cost savings and sustainability.


Soft Candy Packing Machine

Soft Candy Packing Machine

This soft candy packing machine has a multi-head weigher and is designed to accommodate a vast array of materials, including grains, sheets, strips, and even irregularly shaped items. Whether it's candies, seeds, chips, nuts, dried fruits, biscuits, or even pet food, this machine is ready to ensure precise and efficient packaging.


No matter the product, Suntech’s soft candy packing machine delivers consistent quality and precision. It's your go-to choice for packing a wide range of items, from foodstuffs to small hardware and plastic goods. Therefore, this soft candy packing machine can follow up your developing business scale.


Adaptability is the key in the packaging industry, and Suntech knows it well. This soft candy packing machine can effortlessly handle various bag types to meet your specific needs. The soft candy packing machine can pack various types of packages such as stand-up bags, gusset bags, zipper bags, pouches, three-side seals, four-side seals, and more. Therefore, you don't have to worry about the unmatching design of the food package. In the package, the machine also allows the operator to adjust the bag width. The operator can press the electrical motor to adjust the bag's width at the touch of a button, enhancing flexibility.


This soft candy packing machine has advanced safety functions to ensure the safety production. The machine is equipped with safeguards to halt operations in case of abnormal air pressure or heater disconnections, minimizing risks and product loss.


Meanwhile, the soft candy packing machine amplifies bag handling with the horizontal conveyor, which makes it easy to load and store bags.

Cookie Packaging Machine

Cookie Packaging Machine

This cookie packaging machine is a multihead weigher packing machine, so it can weigh, distribute, and packing. The high-precision data-type weighing sensor guarantees precise weighing for your cookies.

Supported by the advanced system design, this cookie packaging machine can ensure quick and efficient operation, minimal downtime, and labor-saving manpower.

This cookie packaging machine has the excellent ability of temperature control. This cookie packaging machine features temperature-independent PID control, providing ideal conditions for packaging various materials, regardless of their coatings. This adaptability ensures that your cookies are packaged flawlessly, maintaining their quality and freshness.

Also, with a packing speed ranging from 5 to 60 bags per minute, our machine is versatile and productive. It's compatible with a range of packaging materials, including OPP/CPP, PET/PE, and PET-AL/PE lamination film. This flexibility allows you to adapt to your specific packaging requirements.

Bread Packing Machine

Bread Packing Machine

This bread packing machine has an advanced packaging system and a simple structure. This bread packing machine consists of temperature control, an emergency button, a film roll device, a feeding conveyor, an adjustment system, and an output conveyor. Three versions are available in this bread packing machine.

SUN-250D bread packing machine can pack the bag with 65-190 or 120-280mm in length, 30-110mm in width, and 5-70mm in height at the speed of 40-230bags/min (air charging needed) or 60-330bags/min (no air charging needed).

SUN-350D bread packing machine can pack the bag with 60-190 or 120-320mm in length, 50-160mm in width, and 5-70mm in height at the speed of 30-200bags/min (air charging needed) or 50-300bags/min (no air charging needed).

SUN-450D bread packing machine can pack the bag with 130-320or 180-450mm in length, 50-185mm in width, and 5-70mm in height at the speed of 30-180bags/min (air charging needed) or 40-230bags/min (no air charging needed).


All in all, each business needs its specific food packaging equipment to meet the specific food package requirements. And, each type of food packing machine offers different pros and cons, so you need to be careful about its product introduction.

Suntech is a manufacturer and supplier of food packing machines, offering many types of industrial food packaging machines. You can consult Sutech to get the right packing machine.

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