Vertical Packing Machine

520/720 vertical machine -with coffee valve device

• English and Chinese screen display ,operation is simple .
• PLC computer system , function is more stable , adjustment any parameters not need stop machine.
• It can stock ten dispose , simple to change variety.
• Servo motor drawing film , position accurately.
• Temperature independent control system ,precision get to±1℃.
• Horizontal , vertical temperature control ,suitable for various of mix film , PE film packing material.
• Packing type diversification , pillow sealing, standing type ,punching etc.
• Bag–making , sealing, packing, print date in one operation.
• Work circumstance quiet, low noise.

Machine Description

1. Multi Function: Feeding,Dosing,Filling,Bag forming,Date print and Sealing all in one.
2. Bag dimension is very good: The machine adopts with servo film driving system, PLC program control, Serson tracking, can make sure each bag dimension is very nice.
3.Sealing very well: Vertical and Horizontal sealing own itself temperature-controller and adjustable. That means bag sealing very well and flexible to film.
4: Easy operation: Color touch screen support multiple languages.
5: Reliable: Higher configuration Servo-Motor, PLC, and Touch Screen is Schneider.

Vertical Automatic Roasted Peanuts Cashew Nuts Packing Machine

What Can Be Pack

It is suitable to use in packing the high accuracy and easy fragile material. Such as: puffy food,chips, jelly, candy, pistachio nuts, nuts, apple slices, frozen dumpling, coffee beans,pasta,cotton candy, french fries,rice, pet food, small hardwares etc.

PS: Lot of shape of bag you choose. 

Machine Details

1.Film moving by Servo motor and a pair of belt. Horizontal and Vertical sealing temperature is independent. Make sure bag is beautiful and sealing very well.
2: Operate by Schneider toch screen is very easy.Operating language is English, Spanish, Russian,Arabic, etc.
3: Packing machine have alarming function, any wrong with it will show you soon.

Vertical Automatic Roasted Peanuts Cashew Nuts Packing Machine

Model SUN-320 SUN-420 SUN-520 SUN-720
Measuring Range 150 - 800ml 150-1500ml 150-2000mL 150-4000ml
Packaging Speed 5-70bags/min 5-60bags/min 10-50bags/min 10-40bags/min
Bag Width 50 -150mm 60-200mm 80-250mm 100-350mm
Bag Length 80 - 240mm 80-300mm 80-350mm 100-450mm
Film Roll Width (L)1185*(W)935 *(H)1245mm (L)1217* (W)1015 *(H)1343mm (L)1488*(W)1080*(H)1490mm (L)1716*(W)1260*(H)1820mm
Machine Weight 350KG 450KG 550KG 700KG

Vertical Automatic Roasted Peanuts Cashew Nuts Packing Machine

Pour the product into the hopper, Z type hoister will take it to multi heads weigher for dosing.

Vertical Automatic Roasted Peanuts Cashew Nuts Packing Machine

Bag Former, Sealing, Cutting. Operate by Touch Screen  Electrical Box

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