Granular Packing Machine

SUN-420-520-720 granule measuring cup packing machine

Main features:

• The packing machine with advanced design, reasonable structure, fine workmanship, stable adjustment, quick and easy operation, simple maintenance, time-saving and labor-saving manpower.
• Servo film transporting system can position accurately. High-quality synchronous transport membrane, which is stable and reliable.
• High-precision color touch screen, convenient parameter setting.
• Self-diagnosis function, Fault is displayed at a glance.
• High-sensitivity fiber color tracking, so that the sealing position more accurate.
• Temperature independent PID control, it is better for a variety of materials coated.

Machine Description of Grain Packing Machine

SUN-420/520/720/820/1220 Packing machines are used in the consumer products industry for a wide variety of packaging applications. With Volumetric Filler Various products like rice, sugar, beans, coffee beans,sago,etc granule are placed into formed pouches and then sealed. The bag material is flexible and typically laminated film.
Fully automatic packing machines require limited operator intervention. The operator need only replenish product by loading supply hoppers,changing packaging film and bag former.


Multi Function : Feeding,Weighting,Filling,Bag forming,Date print and Sealing all in one.

√ Accuracy is very well. Dosing by Volumetric Filler;
√ PLC control system ,stable and reliable;
√ 5.7inch Schneider colorful touch screen;
√ The place touched by your products made of stainless steel 304, Easy to clean and maintance;
√Servo-motro and double belt driven film ;

sugar packing machine

What Can Be Pack

Good for packing rice , seeds ,  beans, nuts, grain , pet food , salt ,  detergent powder , etc non-fragile and granular pdoducts.

 biscuit packing machine

PS: Lot of shape of bag you choose. 

biscuit packing machine

grain packing machine

Machine Details

Simplified,Packaging Machine start with a large roll of film, form it into a bag shape,and products will be take with Z Type Elevator to Volumetric Filler for dosing. then fill the bag with product, and seal it, all in a vertical fashion, at speeds 5-70 bags per minute.


Model SUN-320 SUN-420 SUN-520 SUN-720
Measuring Range 150 - 800ml 150-1500ml 150-2000mL 150-4000ml
Packaging Speed 5-70bags/min 5-60bags/min 10-50bags/min 10-40bags/min
Bag Width 50 -150mm 60-200mm 80-250mm 100-350mm
Bag Length 80 - 240mm 80-300mm 80-350mm 100-450mm
Film Roll Width (L)1185*(W)935 *(H)1245mm (L)1217* (W)1015 *(H)1343mm (L)1488*(W)1080*(H)1490mm (L)1716*(W)1260*(H)1820mm
Machine Weight 350KG 450KG 550KG 700KG

grain packing machine

Operate by Touch Screen Install The Film Date Printer

granule packing machine

Date, Can Three line  Tool Box (Free)  Electric



What is A Grain Packing Machine?

A grain packing machine is a type of equipment used for weighing, filling, and packaging different types of grains such as rice, wheat, corn, barley, and oats. The grain packing machinery is commonly used in the food processing industry to automate the process of packaging grains into bags, boxes, or containers.

How Does A Grain Packing Machine Work?

A grain packing machine typically consists of a weighing system, a filling system, and a packaging system. The weighing system accurately measures the grain before filling it into the packaging material, which can be a bag, box, or container. The filling system uses a conveyor or hopper to transfer the grain to the packaging system, where it is sealed and labeled.

How Can I Maintain My Grain Packing Machine?

To ensure optimal performance and longevity of your automatic grain packing machine, it's important to perform regular maintenance tasks such as cleaning, lubrication, and inspection. You should also follow the grain packing machine manufacturer’s recommendations for replacing worn or damaged parts and schedule periodic professional servicing.

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