How to Properly Feed Your Multihead Weigher Packing Machine?

How to Properly Feed Your Multihead Weigher Packing Machine?

28 Aug, 2023

In the ever-evolving economic landscape, consumer preferences are shifting towards diverse, high-quality products with unique and aesthetically pleasing packaging. Manufacturers and suppliers are compelled to adapt to these trends and understand emerging consumer needs. To meet these packaging demands, the multihead weigher packing machine and all in one packing machine have emerged as game-changers.

What is Multihead Weigher Packing Machine?

The multihead weigher packing machine is a sophisticated packing solution that utilizes multiple weighers to ensure accurate product weighing. The multihead weigher packing machine is especially for ensuring consistency and precision in the packaging process. The amount of the multihead weighers are customizable according to the business needs. The multihead weigher packing machine is ideally used for packing granular, particulate, or small-piece products such as snacks, candies, grains, nuts, and other similar items.

Multihead Weigher Machine

How Do Multihead Weighers Work?

The multihead weighers in the weigher packing machine play the role of dispensing and weighing. Compared with other auto packing machine, the whole process of multihead weigher packing machine may be more complex a litt. Here is the main working process:

●Step 1: Product Feeding

First, the bulk product is fed into the scale using the infeed funnel located at the top. The feeding systems can be divided into two methods ---- an incline conveyor or a bucket elevator.


●Step 2: Product Distribution

Due to the light vibration of the top cone and feed pans, the products are moved to the weighing hoppers. Each weighing hopper corresponds to a weighing head.


●Step 3: Initial Weighing

Each weighing head contains a load cell, which is a sensor that measures the weight of the product in the hopper. These load cells continuously send weight measurements to a central control unit.


●Step 4: Weight Data Processing

The central control unit in the multihead weigher packing machine receives weight data from all the load cells. It calculates the combination of hopper weights that, when added together, will achieve the target weight for each package. The control unit takes into account factors such as product density, settling, and flow characteristics.


●Step 5: Optimal Hopper Selection

After finishing the collection of the data, the central control unit would make a whole calculation and selectively release the weighing hoppers to reach the target weight.


●Step 6: Product Collection

The multi head packing machine would convey the product that reaches the target weight into the package. The package is positioned under the discharge points of the hoppers.


●Step 7: Repeat the Process

The entire process repeats for each package that needs to be filled. The control unit continually monitors the weight measurements and adjusts the combinations of hoppers as needed to maintain accuracy.

14 heads weigher packing machine

14 Heads Weigher Packing Machine

How Does A Multi Head Weigher Calculate Combinations?

In essence, the multi head packing machine calculates potential drop combinations based on the number of weighing heads integrated into the machine. The overall count of potential combinations can be computed using a straightforward mathematical formula: Ctotal = 2^n, wherein 'n' represents the number of weighing heads integrated into the scale.


How To Properly Feed Your Multihead Weigher?

Properly feeding your multihead weigher machine is crucial for maintaining its consistency and accuracy. When you are feeding the products into the machine, you also need to be aware of some things.


●Product Consistency

Ensure that the product you're feeding into the multihead weigher is consistent in terms of size, shape, and flow characteristics. Variations in product attributes can impact weighing accuracy.


●Infeed System

Use an appropriate infeed system to introduce the product into the multihead weigher. This can include vibratory feeders, conveyors, bucket elevators, or other systems that help regulate the flow of product to the hoppers.



Distribute the product evenly across the infeed system to ensure a consistent flow of material to the weighing hoppers. Uneven distribution can lead to uneven weighing results.


●Infeed Funnel

Use the infeed funnel provided by the multihead weigher manufacturer to guide the product into the weighing hoppers. This funnel helps maintain proper product flow and prevents spillage.


●Adjust Speed

Adjust the speed of the infeed system to match the capabilities of the multihead weigher. Avoid overloading the system, as it can lead to product jams and inaccurate weighing.


●Preventing Bridging

For products prone to bridging or sticking, consider using techniques such as vibration, agitators, or special coatings on the contact surfaces to ensure smooth flow.


●Regular Cleaning

Clean the infeed system and the funnel regularly to prevent product buildup, which can affect the consistency of product flow.

10 Heads Weigher Packing Machine

10 Heads Weigher Packing Machine


Continuously monitor the infeed system for any issues such as blockages, jams, or irregularities. Address any problems promptly to maintain a steady flow of products.


●Product Changes

If switching between different products, thoroughly clean and clear the infeed system and the weighing hoppers to prevent cross-contamination.


●Product Testing

Before running a full production cycle, conduct tests to ensure that the product flows smoothly through the infeed system and the multihead weigher. Adjust settings as needed.



In conclusion, the multihead weigher packing machine and all in one packing machine have revolutionized the packaging industry with their technological prowess. By leveraging multihead weighers, these machines guarantee accuracy, consistency, and efficiency in the packing process. Their versatility has made them indispensable across various sectors, from food to pharmaceuticals.

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