Vertical Packing Machine

420-520-720 vertical machine - back seal and gusst bag

Main features:
• The overall design is advanced, reasonable structure, fine workmanship, simple maintenance, saves time and efforts.
• Imported PLC full computer control system, man-machine interface, high-precision big color touch screen, easy operate.
• Imported servo film transport system accurate positioning, stable and reliable film transport, no deviation in bag size.
• Self-diagnostic emergency stop function, intelligent to greatly reduces losses.
• High-sensitivity color mark sensor, fixed-point sealing more accurate.
• Temperature independent PID control, sealing temperature deviation±1℃.

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China Supplier Easy Operation Mulit-Function vertical Automatic VFFS Packaging Machine for Universal Granular 

Vertical Packing Sealing Machine

A complete set of equipment is economical. 

The volumetric cups can be make to open-close model measure equipment.

Combine Parts


2:Turnplate ( Whith Measuring Cups )

3:SUN-320/420/520/720 Packing Machine

4: Conveyor



filling machine

Good for packing rice , seeds ,  bean,  grain , pet food , salt ,  detergent powder , etc non-fragile and granular pdoducts.


Machine Parameters



Packing Speed

5-70 BAGS/MIN Carbon or stainless steel Structure frame
Bag Making Size Length: Max 60-300 MM Width: 80-200 MM Date Printer
Filling Range 1000ML

Exhaust Device

Packing Film Material OPP/CPP PET/PE PET-AL/PE Lamination Film

 Inflate Device

Width Max 420MM Punching Device (Hole/Euro Slot/
Thickness 0.04-0.09 MM Gusseted Device
Diameter Max Special easy open knife shapes
Power Supply 220V,3.0Kw, 50Hz  
Dimension 1320x920x1392 LxWxH MM  
Weight 450 KG  


Main Functions

1. Unique photoelectric positioning technology to ensure that the color of the standard bag design integrity.
2. The amount of packaging in the rated range stepless adjustable.
3. Automatically print the product batch number, easy to tear, easy to use.
4. The appearance of the machine generous, all stainless steel structure, in line with food and medical packaging health requirements, suitable for food, medicine and chemical industry.
5. Using bilingual touch screen control. Big screen and easy operation.


Detail Accessories

filling machine

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