Vertical Packing Machine

420-520-720 vertical packing machine - vacuum packaging

Main features:

• The overall design is advanced, reasonable structure, fine workmanship, simple maintenance, saves time and efforts.
• Imported PLC full computer control system, man-machine interface, high-precision big color touch screen, easy operate.
• Imported servo film transport system accurate positioning, stable and reliable film transport, no deviation in bag size.
• Shape practical and generous, can be intuitive to the real type.
• Vacuum nitrogen-filled packing balanced pressure difference between inside & outside, air cannot penetrate into bag through hole to prevent deterioration of products.
• Fried food or fruit & vegetable chips are packed with vacuum nitrogen filling, can effectively prevent corruption and prolong storage time.

01. Product application:

SUNCHON fully automatic multi head weigher packaging machine, It is suitable to use in packing all kinds of grain material, sheet material, strip material and abnormity material which such as candy, melon seeds, chips, peanut, nutlet, preserved fruit, jelly, biscuit, confect, camphorball,  currant, almond, chocolate, filbert, corn, Potato Crisps, pet foodstuff, dilatant foodstuff, hardware and plastic can be weighed by the ration.

fully speed 1kg  2kg 3kg 4kg 5kg vacuum sealer machine packaging automatic

What description of our packaging machine?

fully speed 1kg  2kg 3kg 4kg 5kg vacuum sealer machine packaging automatic

02. Product feature:

1. Efficient: Bag - making, filling, sealing, cutting, heating, date / lot number achieved in one time;

2. Intelligent: Packing speed and bag length can be set through the screen without part changes;

3. Profession: Independent temperature controller with heat balance enables different packing materials;

4. Characteristic: Automatic stop function, with safe operation and saving the film;

5. Convenient: Low loss, labor saving, easy for operation and maintenance;

6. Weighing accuracy 0.2 to 1.0 gram.


03. Machine Specification:

(We have several models. We can customize the suitable one for you according to your requiredment.Just Tell us : Weight or Bag.)

Modal SUN-320W SUN420W SUN520W SUN720W
Measuring range 150-800ml 150-1500ml 150-2000ml 150-4000ml
Packaging speed 5-70bags/min 5-60bags/min 10-60bags/min 10-60bags/min
Bag width 50-150mm 60-200ml 80-250mm 100-350mm
Bag length 80-240mm 80-300mm 80-350mm 100-450mm
Film roll width Max.320mm Max.420mm Max.520mm Max.720mm
Film thickness 0.03-0.09mm
Film material OPP/CPP PET/PE PET-AL/PE lamination film,aluminum film
Machine size(LxWxH)





Machine weight 350kg 450kg 550kg 700kg


04. Product detailed: 

fully speed 1kg  2kg 3kg 4kg 5kg vacuum sealer machine packaging automatic

 Name: Multi Heads Weigher

 a) 4 heads, 10 heads, 14 heads can be optional.
 b) Weigher buckets have independent control mode.      When compared to the standard weigher speed increased  by 10% and capable to perform a faster and more  accurate calculation.
 c) Counting function can satisfy diversified weighing  requirements.
 d) Sample collection function makes weighing process  more accurate.
 e) New features include low supply warning, controllable  feeding, automatic material filling and failure rejection  functions.
 f) It is suitable for weighing of granule, slice, roll or  irregular shape materials such as candy, seed, jelly, fries,  coffee granule, peanut, puffy food, biscuit, chocolate, nut,  chips, pet food, frozen foods, etc. It is also suitable for  weighing small hardware and plastic component.


 Name: Main Packing Machine

 precision bag former & touch screen, digital screen display  with numerical setting and flexible operation; Imported  PLC control system and color touching screen, easy  operation; PID independent control of temperature, more  suitable for different packaging material.

fully speed 1kg  2kg 3kg 4kg 5kg vacuum sealer machine packaging automatic
fully speed 1kg  2kg 3kg 4kg 5kg vacuum sealer machine packaging automatic


 Name: Z Type Elevator (Optional)

 a) The elevator and electronic metering scale is used  together, control circuit is used to control material's  position,realizing automatic feeding and stopping function.
 b) The elevator can be made of stainless steel or carbon  steel, according to the customer, choice.
 c) The Bucket conveyor (Z-shaped) is designed to handle  both tough and sanitary applications.
 d) They are available in a range of sizes and materials  and well-suited for granular and slice products, for  example: chips, frozen food, pet food, cookies, nuts, small  hardware, recycling, building and metallurgical industries  etc.

 Name: Finished Product Conveyor (Optional)

 Adopting imported miniature motor and featured  with low noise and long tifetime. It can transport  finished goods to platform, reduce waste during  packing, making the machine work more  smoothly.Greatly submitted production efficiency  and reduced labor costs.

fully speed 1kg  2kg 3kg 4kg 5kg vacuum sealer machine packaging automatic

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