Liquid Packing Machine

SUN-320L liquid packing machine with rotor pump

• Servo film transporting system can position accurately. High-quality synchronous transport membrane, which is stable and reliable.
• Schneider Touch Screen can have multiple versions such as English, Spanish,German,etc for you operate, convenient parameter setting.
• Self-diagnosis function, Fault is displayed at a glance.
• High-sensitivity fiber color tracking, so that the sealing position more accurate.
• Temperature independent PID control, it is better for a variety of materials coated.
• Measuring by high-precision paste/liquid pump. Accuracy is ± 0.5-1%.
• Design special sealing system for special sauce/paste/liquid bag forming.

Product Description

Full automatic apple / orange / coconut / lemon / mango fruit juice filling packing machine

Standard Features

  • Bag-making, sealing, packing, print date in one operation.
  • English and Chinese screen display, operation is simple.
  • PLC computer system, function is more stable, adjustment any parameters not need stop machine.
  • It can stock ten dispose, simple to change variety.
  • Double sever motors drawing film position accurately and the speed more fast.
  • Temperature independent control system precision get to ± 1°C.
  • Horizontal, vertical temperature control, suitable for various of mix film, PE film packing material.
  • Packing type diversification, pillow sealing, standing type, punching etc.
  • Work circuinstance quiet, low noise.

Working Process:  
The working processes include: The machine pull laminate packaging film to the pouch forming devices, and go through the vertical sealing plate, in the meanwhile, the dosing device dose the product into the pouch, then will do the horizontal sealing and cutting off. Above is the typical working process diagram.


Package material:

Suitable for packing for various kinds of liquid filling product, such as oli, shampoo, honey, water, ketchup, sauce, juice, milk, soysauce, tomato sauce,etc. packing.

Liquid Packing MachineLiquid Packing Machine

Machine Specification
Bag length 60-300 mm(L)
Bag width 60-200 mm(W)
Film width 420 mm
Packaging rate 5-60 bags/min
Mmeasuring range 150-1200 ml
Air consumption 0.65 mpa 
Gas consumption 0.3 m³/min
Power voltage 220 VAC/50Hz
Power 2.2 kw
Dimension (L)1080×(W)1300×(H)1400mm
machine weight 500 kg

Liquid Packing Machine

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